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Children’s Dentistry in Bedford

We love working with children! Not only are we parents ourselves, but we raised our families here in Bedford. We see caring for the children in our neighbourhood as our way of helping build our wonderful community.

Children’s preventative dentistry

Your child can begin to see the dentist as soon as their baby teeth begin to emerge. We combine education and preventative dentistry to help your children enjoy a long life of good dental health. With regular cleaning and dental exams, fluoride treatments and dental sealants, we monitor your child’s dental health and prevent cavities and decay. We’ll also teach your children how to care for their teeth by brushing and flossing properly and eating a healthy diet.

Kids Dental Tips

Baby Dental Tips

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Sedation and anxiety

Many children experience anxiety during dental visits. We specialize in working with anxious children, and we can offer options such as conscious sedation to help your child stay calm during their appointment.

Wisdom teeth extraction

Many children need to have their wisdom teeth extracted when they are in their teens. You can learn more about our wisdom teeth removal services here.

To learn more about our children’s dental services, or to make an appointment, contact us today!